Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kay Young Superior, CO, US

Posted: 2019-08-21

"There can be no compromise between POVERTY and RICHES!"  "If after reading this chapter, you are willing to accept poverty, you may as well make up your mind to receive poverty."    The determining factor is our own mindset

    This hit me right in the face.  I realize that I don't think so much about money, but also know the experiences I want for my Hesband and I & our family require money, so it is the same.

     I often think back to a time in my life when my husband and I had a job loss and decided both better look for work.  We had 4 children  between 1 & 9.

     My husband Found a job selling insulation & thought I should interview for it.  I had no interest & went to the interview with te strongest mindset I've ever had.  The interview turned out to be one of the best things that a ever happened to me. I truly ha no fear.  I think back o it often ow that my 1 year old is 42.

Here is what happened.

1st They said I woul be paid on commission only.  I said NO, I needed  a base plus comisdion.  They said OK.

2nd They said I needed to check in to the office daily.  I said NO.I live on the east side of the city & you are on the west.  I am coming into the office when I have sales.  They said OK.

3rd I took the job & after 2 weeks went into the office to quit because their prices were considerably higher than their 2 major competitors. They asked me to show my bids & the bids of the competition.  I did & to my surprise, they spent hours with me changing their entire price structure.

Because of this, I stayed on as one of their top sales people until we moved a couple years later.

I have never had such a strong mindset as this since & it was so wonderful!  I'm now trying to get it back in everything I do.

Thanks to Michael & Linda Dlouhy for setting up this lesson program to help us be the best we can be!

Kay Young

Superior, CO