Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ethel Van Zanten Tucson,, Arizona, USA

Posted: 2019-08-21

Chapter 15,The Six

Ghosts of Fear

The Six Ghosts of Fear are caused by the thoughts that we have.  If we have thoughts of Indecision, and doubt, they will blend together and make Fear.  We must know in our mind that we can make a decision and it will be the right decision.  Sometimes it happens that the decision is wrong but we must know that it can be made right by changing certain  aspects of this decision.   If we have doubt however this  will blend with the decision  into Fear.  

Mr. HIll elaborates and says there are six categories of Fear.  They are: poverty, criticism, Ill Health, Loss of Love of Someone, Old Age, and Death.  I must admit that Criticism has been a fear of mine but the people that caused most of the criticism in my life have been removed by death, or just not associating with them.  

All mothers experience the loss of love of Someone that is their children I think but if you have all had a common standard to live your life by this fear can be eliminated.  I had this fear somewhat with my children but as we have all grown older we have realized that we need to love one another if not for any other reason but the sense of responsibility.  Also if the family all has a love of God how is it possible to lose love of someone that is your blood kindred.  I feel  all people in the world will have to realize this because with the movement of all peoples of the world that is happening in this day if the governments are going to declare war mothers, aunts, Father, uncles, sister and brothers will be objecting because they will be fighting against their own kin.  It will be the mothers of all the soldiers men and women that will object and governments be ware if that happens.

The other five ghosts of Fear are something that can be cured by a deep love of God and following the teachings of all the divine teachers of the world now and forever more. Recognizing that all the divine teachers have the same basic teachings so what is there to Fear when the followers of these divine teachers follow and believe in their teachings. 

Ethel Van Zanten \

Tucson, AZ