Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Brenda Kidd Houston, TX, United States

Posted: 2019-08-21

Think and Grow Rich


This is a chapter that is power packed and supercharged with thought-provoking information.  For any who are looking to rise out of poverty or any of the other aspects of fear as this chapter has identified, the tapes of negative words that were spoken over us at any time in our lives needs to be erased.  Where you have been cannot continue to be where you remain, or where you’re going.

In Biblical history, Abraham was told that he would become the father of many nations.  His wife Sarah laughed at that declaration because both she and Abraham were quite old and she had never been pregnant.  But Abraham believed what he was told and began walking it out.  Scripture says “he called those things that be not (did not exist) as though they were (absolutely do exist).”  What has been “your truth” does not have to continue being “your future”.  The tape CAN BE erased and a new tape of release and destiny created.

Scripture also says that “we have the mind of Christ”.  I remember many years ago the book “What Would Jesus Do?” came out and became a craze and a fad, with lots of merchandise being sold with WWJD on it.  Even though it was taken over commercially, it was, and still is, a great question and a great tool to use in changing the way we see ourselves and how we present to others.

We do not have to live in the emotional house that was built for us when we were children.  Bottom line, for some of us, that house or that stigma that was given us was not about us or because of us.  It had to do with the person/people erecting it out of their own misery.  So we not only have the need, but the duty to replace it with truth.

I lost a precious friend this week who died after many years of having Dementia.  We served together on the Board of Directors of a ministry we loved and supported.  Through all the years I knew him with that disease, he was the kindest, gentlest, and loving person you could ever meet.  So, I have been a little distracted, but wanted to comment a little on the lesson.  I plan on reading it again and going through all of the questions, but I don’t want to rush through them.

Thank you so much for this Mastermind Group that allows each of us to be ourselves and learn from each other.  So Grateful for the One Brain with many thoughts that we are

Brenda Kidd

Houston, Texas