Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Timothy Strong Lafayette, IN, United States

Posted: 2019-08-21

The fear of POVERTY , The fear of CRITICISM , The fear of FAILURE

Fear  locked me up for years. I was sole provder for my family so never would I imagine of taking a chance on starting my own business.I was "comfortable"at my J O B. 

I never wanter to fail because I was scared of what my son or wife would think.

Thanks to Mr. Bob Shoaf, I am learning how to NOT let fear stop me. He taught me we all fail, some get back up,some stay down. He has given me the confidence to unlock those chains and step out of my comfort zone and get back up when I fail.

I would listen to these lessons each week but would never post. After weekly calls with Bob I feel comfortable steeping outside my comfort zone and posting a message.

God Bless everyone

Thank you Bob for your support.