Think & Grow Rich Lessons
David Watson Baltimore, MD, United States

Posted: 2019-08-20

BURNING DESIRE...STATE OF MIND...There is much to be gleaned from this final chapter, but I focus on two main points above in the same ways I approach Bible studies to receive spiritual enrichment of Christianity. I learn that, in order to overcome the "Six Ghosts of Fear" and the seventh evil of negative influence, I MUST have BURNING DESIRE to change my present financial, physical, and spiritual circumstances for the better by planning and acting, free of excuses or "alibis." STATE OF MIND includes positive self-talk that I developed listening to Mr. Klemm and Mr. Dlouhy's audio lesson in mentoring for free. I am joyful. I am thankful. I am relieved... This helps me overcome negativity and fear in its many forms and motivates me to finish reading this entire book! I am enlightened...Thanks for letting me share and I hope this encourages someone.