Think & Grow Rich Lessons
robert tucker Bay Point, California, United States

Posted: 2019-08-20


There is a Bible verse that has helped so many people who have had some fear in their lives when it comes to starting up their business.

Ephesians 6:10,11. The author's chapter " SIX GHOST OF FEAR" is a good foundation for self growth towards any goal setting. Taking

inentor of yourself and see what it is that is keeping you from reaching your dreams and goal is very inportant to every busines or opportu-

nity desired. Mr Hill tell us that it first must began with the mind setting,and be prepared to receiving it and it is not a hard uphill climb in

reaching the success that is desired. There are three large mountains so many must learn how to climb and they are Ghosts that have

stopped so many from achieving their dreams; INDECISION, DOUBT, and FEAR! Therefore the Sixth Sense cannot function like it must 

because of these three fears so many face in life today.They are also called the three negatives, or whatever of them are floating in the

mind. All three of these negative powers are so closely related that neither is far behind one another. These three enemies are so very 

powerful and very dangerous they grow just like wild weeds in a field and we see that example along our highways and streets today.

These three problems to man germinate and grow without them ever being notice just look at our world today and the way people are

following the trend today. 


The Mind is like a garden it grows things from seeds that have been planted by "POSITIVE & NEGATIVE" People from the up coming

from childhood to adulthood. Positive people do not alow the three enemies to control them and they teach those who are prepared to

receive success the right way of achieving the good results. Negative people are those who have failed and teach failure to others who

don't recieve and will not get up to reach their dreams and goals.I like how the author tells us what these fears are and how so many

to day are loosing joy and happiness of success beause of them: GHOSTS> POVERTY,CRITICISN,ILL HEALTH,LOSS OF LOVE

OF SOMEONE,OLD AGE,and DEATH. There is an answer for everything I believe and it all starts within the MIND. Our  business in 

life is to know that we do have a power to overcome and reach success in everything we do in life just change our Thoughts and 

become positive about life and stay away from the negatives and we'll have success leard how to attain happiness.

robert tucker,Bay Point, California, United States