Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Louise Bannerman Detroit, MI, USA

Posted: 2019-08-15



The Universe sends us directions through our intuition; and we receive them through an inner voice, a tug in the heart, a sense, a vibe, a deep inner thought, a feeling, a certain subtle knowing, an energy that directs us along the way. We each feel this intuition in a different way, and because it is subtle, it can be elusive. If we pay attention, we can all feel it in the center of our hearts flowing through our veins, like a deep inborn guidance system wired to the Divine. - Cortney Kane 

Our intuition is one of our deepest links to our spirituality. To me it is part of a cosmic language that links us not only to each other, but to everything else and to the very pulse of the universe. The language of intuition is one of our greatest gifts. - Savvy Wisdom 

“Learn to hear your inner voice, be led by your heart and never stop giving back – this way you shall always walk the right path and shall never be walking alone.”  
Aleksej Metelko,  


Napoleon Hill says, “...You must have observed that while reading it (the chapter), you were lifted to a high level of mental stimulation. Splendid! Come back again a month from now, read it again once more, and observe that your mind will soar to a still higher level of stimulation....repeat ...and eventually you will find yourself in possession of a power that will enable you to throw off discouragement, master fear, overcome procrastination , and draw freely upon your imagination. Then you will have felt the touch of that unknown “something” which has been the moving spirit of every truly great thinker leader, artist, musician, writer, statesman. Then you will be in position to transmute your Desires into their physical or financial counterpart as easily as you may lie down and quit at the first sign of opposition.