Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Mikey Reilly London, London , England

Posted: 2019-08-14

Hi my name is  mikey and I live in London. I'm 15 years old and I want to become a successful entrepreneur. Since a young age which was about when I was 10 years old I had a passion for money. I always watched videos on how to make money. I always sold candy at school and I always found a way on how to make money. I always used to catch trends such as slime and sell it at school. Every day I used to walk home with a pocket full of money. By the age of 12 I told myself this wasnt enough so I went on YouTube and looked up how to make money and I realised washing cars was a good idea so I did exactly that. But after a time i kept getting burning desires i wanted more and more so i made a plan. On the weekday I would sell candy and on the weekend I would wash cars this kept me happy for a fiew weeks but the thought kept racing through my head. I wanted more so on the holidays I asked my dad if I could work with him for a fiew days on a building site that's when I realised that this was work. When I got home I got my pay I felt so good that I wanted more so I went to my dad and spoke to him about my burning desire it was an addiction. And we finally came up with an idea. We would start our own clothing company. And the only reason I came up with that idea was I read a book called shoe dog by the maker of Nike and I was inspired. So I bought another book. It was called think and grow rich. I read lots of it. Then one day I stumbled across this mentoring group called underground millionare mastermind. I had to sacrifice my xbox membership to get it. That broke my gaming addiction. After a fiew weeks I found a person  that was mentoring for  free so I instantly text her and her name is taquittee and she helped me get to this group. And recommended me to an amazing book called success in 10 steps by Michael slouchy and I'm so grateful for Michael's free gift to everyone