Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Grant Simon Stillwater, Minnesota, United States

Posted: 2019-08-14

The Sixth Sense


This is the final moving part of the machine of success that turns our desires, planning, and works into financial success.   One must grasp and have an understanding of the other 12 principles prior to this.


This is the subconscious mind that refers to creative imagination. This is when the new ideas and inspiration flashes through your mind. The only way one will benefit is through positive.


One way to benefit through this is imitating the thoughts and feelings of our mentors and others, which we admire and respect. Napoleon Hill imitated the works and actions of his idols. Some examples are Ford, Edison, Lincoln and Carnegie.  He would mentally imagine these individuals sitting and counseling with him live.  


I have modern era examples. One of these is the late Zig Ziglar.. I pick up new tidbits every time I read or re read one of his books. At times it seems that these folks are sitting across from me.


This goes the same in my athletic endeavors as a Para Triathlete. I savor every moment I get to spend with the Dare to Tri Staff and their top athletes. I have learned plenty and plan to keep going. 


Most importantly of everything is my spiritual relationship with God Almighty.  I read my positive mindset books, such and Think And grow Rich.  I, however, do my best to get my daily devotions done, read the Bible, along with faith based books.  Hill recommended imitating and learning from our mentors. He, however, said not to worship them. The only one I worship is God Almighty!


In closing we have great Mentors here.  Thank you Michael, Rick and All the wonderful minds on Mentoring for Free.


Michael Grant Simon

Disabled American Veteran