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Eric Braun Ohio City, Ohio , United States

Posted: 2019-08-14

The Sixth Sence, The Door To The Temple of Wisdom

  The sixth sence, that gut instinct, is a mixture of both mental and spiritual in the mind of man given to us by God.

It is not a spirit of fear. Fear comes from Satan. 

  It's the fearless decisions you make on the highway, as you narrowly avoid hitting another car.

  If we can just harness that fearlessness in our business decisions, the possibilities are infinate.

  My brother-in-law, who develops Androids for Amazon, problem solves in his sleep. Just like the author describes

his imaginary Council meeting with his group he called my "Invisible Counselors". Through DESIRE you can

transmute your thoughts into reality through selfsuggestion, building character.

  The Sixth Sence benefits the person whose goal is to accumulate vast wealth. The meager mind does not

understand this concept. It's all a matter of FAITH.


Eric Braun

Ohio City, Ohio, USA