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Jim Whitelaw San Bernadino, CA, United States

Posted: 2019-08-07

The Brain
I have worked with Telepathy and Clairvoyance from childhood, it has been very sporadic and hit and miss. It is wonderful to get some validation and more importantly, guidelines that will reinforce future use of these processes. I find that when I am very involved with someone and it is mutual the process is much easier. My sister and I used to transmit grocery lists and other thoughts to each other when we were orphaned and living in the same household. It happens frequently with my current wife and began before we even met physically when she was 8,000 miles away. It was a brand new experience for her so she was skeptical until it happened many times.
This chapter has given me new insight on how to use it in a more controlled situation, the mastermind principle the drug-free, higher vibrations of adding strong emotions. Then my brain will be a better transmitter and receiving station.

Thank you NH for this insightful chapter, I am excited about the next chapter. And thanks to this amazing MFF group for the opportunity to learn this in detail!