Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Marcel Schmidt Thunderbay, Ontario, Canada

Posted: 2019-08-07

Chapter 13 The Brain


The Twelfth Step toward Riches

For me I truly believe that my brain is a recieving station and also a transmitting station.

An example of this is last night, I had a difficult time getting to sleep and finally I dropped off to sleep

around 3 AM and was woke up by somebody calling my name and it was my wife have a difficult time 

getting up because of several failed operations for hernias so I instantly knew what to do and took care of the situation

because I had a clear mind and I helped her up and got her in the lazy boy and got the heating pad and gave her her pain med.

As Napoleon Hill says opiates depress our clairvoyance and stimulants increase and a stimulant can be the emoion of sex

or the emotion of love and giving with no strings attached.and do the right things for the right reasons then everything will fall into place in Gods time NOT mine.

With thoughts being things that are transmitted through the ether I know that if I have a clear mind and voice a positive self talk

which is, I am having fun building the largest network marketing business in the industry by finding people who want change and that 

change will happen for them through teaching and education.I say this at least 200 times a day and am working my way to a thousand times daily then I will get

everything that I always wanted again in Gods time not mine.

Thanks to Linda & Michael Dlouhy for creating MFF and TGRL 

Thanks to ALL the people who have taken their time to help me without any expectations of financial compensation.

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Marcel & Marina Schmidt