Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Grant Simon Stillwater, Minnesota, United States

Posted: 2019-08-07

The Brain


The Human Brain can be very mysterious and fascinating.  The Brain is comparable to any wireless communication device: two way radio, cell phone, or IPad.  It can transmit and receive messages from other brains.  


The creative imagination is on the receiving end: relieves thoughts from other brains.  In order to receive and transmit thoughts between others the brain must be stimulated which creates vibration.  As high beam headlights can stop a deer in the middle of the road. Thoughts travel a very high rate of vibration from one’s mind to another person’s mind.


When the brain vibrates rapidly, it will attract thoughts and ideas from other brains. This is essential for thoughts to be picked up and acted upon the subconscious mind. 


Our subconscious mind is the transmitter of the brain. Where you ideas move from your brain to other’s.


Positive world changing ideas come from positive situations and healthy environments.   In other words an individual or multiple folks working on a business project will probably have a better outcome in a positive work environment  versus watching hours of news.  Garbage in will mean garbage out. 


We get our best ideas and will have the best long term results by surrounding ourselves with the pace setters in our businesses and outside.  This is another reason why Mentoring for Free is priceless.  Our positive interactions go from mind to mind.


Thank you Michael Dlouhy for forming Mentoring for Free, thank you Rick for contacting me, and thank you to all the positive minds of this group.