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Bilal Muhammad EULESS, TX, United States

Posted: 2019-07-24

Most non Muslims probably do not know that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), was 40 years before the Revelation of Qur'an  started coming to him, (pbuh).  And  I have personally  experienced sex transmutation as a young professional boxer. I was the only 10 round professional fighter at that time I knew that was still a virgin. My Trainer Clarence Boone had told as a amatuer boxer that if I had sex I would no longer be a good fighter I believed him. I am a easy going person never wanted to hurt no one or no thing but I can remember training and fighting as a professional boxer amd the mode I was in when was in the Ring and being without sex gave me a edge mentally and physically over more experienced and sucessful fighters most definately. Most of my fights didn't go passed the fisrt or second round. I knocked out this one Fighter who had fought 12 rounds with the Light Heavy Champion in the first round he couldn't believe it so he ask for a rematch. In our rematch I knocked him out again in the first round. I fought a 3 times National Glove Champion in his home town Lubbock, Tx for my first 10 round fight and knocked him out in the 9th round. And at the end of my 3 year professional career I was ranked the number #1 Middle Weight Professional Boxer in Texas, before enlisting into the United State Army in September of 1984 and marrying my first Wife a few months later. But as far as the Infinate Intelligence I believe that is The Creator of the Heavens and Earth and everything that exist within and beyond what is known to us as Humanbeings.