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Michael Grant Simon Stillwater, Minnesota, United States

Posted: 2019-07-24


The Mystery of Sex Transmutation.


     Some folks are uncomfortable talking about the famous three letter word: Sex.

I do a bit myself when talking with folks I do not know very well.  I see this as a natural fact of life and a gift from the Good Lord.  There is nothing wrong with it: it is at the top of the list of the 10 stimuli of the mind. We, however, at times need to keep it in control and perspective. 

     There  are times when we need to refocus our energy of this stimuli. I can relate this to my younger years. I was a swimmer in high school and three years at a small college. There were times during the season, where we had to have full focus on a meet coming up. In other words athletes were advised to not have a big night on the town with their lady friends the night before the swim meet.  The same went with school work. During finals I had to focus on the books versus my dating life. One time I failed to do this and had less than desirable results.

This goes the same through every area of life.  Having a supportive life partner either male or female can help all of us get to the next level.  They can keep you balanced and in line. My wife certainly does.  That is love which is number two on the stimuli list. Sex 

     Many highly successful folks are able to transmute the energy of sex into another outlet.  A couple of examples in this chapter.  The first is Dr. Elmer R. Gates, who was able to, shut of distractions, close eyes and draw upon this source and use his imagination.  He was responsible for creating more than 200 patents. He earned a good living, by consulting for many companies.  Many of the largest corporations in the country paid substantial fees for his consulting.  

    Another was Thomas Edison. He was able to transmute his energy into focus and imagination. Edison tested more than 10,000 different combinations of ideas, before  he perfected the electric light bulb.    

   This goes the same for the network marketing arena. There are times when we need to focus our energies on our people: help them move towards their goals, which in the long run will help us and our families. 

Thank you Michael for creating Mentoring for Free.  Thank you Rick for introducing me to this group and thank you to everyone who help me grow each week.