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robert tucker Bay Point, California, United States

Posted: 2019-07-19


Every human have this energy and opportunity is shared rightly at the right time and place.

I believe that this mystery of sex is a very importent part of our lives,and we should not without

knowledge about the subject. I like what author says about Sex transmutation; he says that the

topic is a simple subject and can easily be explained.The mind has more than one thought

about sexual physical expression,to thoughts of some other nature.Sexual desire is a very

powerful mystery which every human being experience daily and it is a very importent

need for growth and the development of the imagination,courage,will-power,persistence.

and our creative ability to the unknown.


Today's society has such a problem with the understanding of this simple subject on

sex transmutation mostly starting at the younger years and must be a tought the right

way through education that the desire is for sexual expression is not a bad thing but it is

inborn and natural to have and to express these feelings at the right and proper timing

which parents must as a duty to teach their children the importance of it for many feel

that it's only a physical expression only through emotioms only.

robert tucker,Bay Point, California,United States