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Andre Lichterfeld Berlin, Europe, Earth

Posted: 2016-03-16

Faith is the author of prosperity

It was April 2010 when Rudger of the Netherlands from Spain found me with Mentoring For Free in former Berlin-West. And I have never ever lost any faith in all of it. Well, lets talk about Spain another day. Here I am, six years later, literally calling from the Volksrepub1ik Nordk0rea. Well, actually not. Yet you have no idea what I have been through just today when calling the live clients call, getting only a busy signal with one phone provider and an atmospheric krkrschkrschkrkrschkrschkrkr noise every other try when calling the conference bridge. Has been a great call!

This is Europe. Bridge, can you here me? Roger.

In April 2010 MFF has found me, as you already know. Back then in the end of May 2010 we had our confinement with our son. What a time! The training was perfect. And I have actually started to send in lessons not earlier then July that year.

In early 2012 I started our German language training calls. Then in summer I lost my first beloved MLM company. Oh what an agony. Rudger had not been my mentor for a long time back then. Well, Oliver was. Though Oliver has had not prepared himself for this agony to come. He quit. Well, I never did. And I am not going to quit never ever. To me, to quit with MFF is like to quit with life. And I don't do that. STOP IT!

Well, we had have a struggling time back then. But it's better and better and better every single day. Wow! You have NO idea. And I have no idea how to explain it to a S0uth Kor3an. For god's sake only figuratively.

However, please let me give you only a glimpse what is going on here. Over the years we transformed -- we transmuted -- from (actually not) average Germans into humans again. We now home educate our son and his younger sister. And this is not like home educate them in North Am3rica. It is more of home educate them in North Am3rica 40 years ago. So imagine traveling from the former GDR to the FRG FOURTY YEARS AGO! and you have a teeny-weeny idea on what is going on here. It has not been named "traveling" back in these days.

And all of this -- yet not alone -- thanks to MFF with Michael, Linda and all the friends and family being all in.

I never loose my faith again. I found my faith again. I believe in me. I believe in my friends and family.

And I believe in you,
Andi Pedersen, from beautiful planet earth

PS: If you ever visit Europe again, please lets meet-up somewhere; talk, hug and laugh together.