Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Margi Starr Springfield, Ohio, USA

Posted: 2016-03-16

Chapter 3--Faith

Faith is a key ingredient in the Recipe for transforming a life of despair into a life of power.


The 3 powerful emotions of Faith, Love, and Sexuality, when blended together, become like a laser cutting through a cancerous tumor.  The energy created by these 3 emotions can penetrate through the subconscious mind, obliterating deep rooted strongholds that keep one in poverty.


The wise individual uses this Recipe to their advantage.  He can allow the vibrations of Faith, Love, and Sex to act as a giant magnet, drawing into his life that which is Positive, Purposeful, and Powerful.


The power of FAITH is evidenced throughout the Scriptures. Faith is what made blind men see and the deaf to hear. Faith allowed men and woman throughout the ages to stand true when threatened by the mouths of lions.


FAITH spoken over and over again washes the brain of its default negativity like mud is washed from a dirty cloth.  By intentionally feeding the mind with FAITH, even when it may still be unseen, the Recipe for success is nourished and will eventually bear its fruit.


Faith rises...

  • when people give you bogus phone numbers in their eBook contact information.

  • when people in your downline quit or go MIA.

  • when your family and friends roll their eyes when you talk about your dreams.

  • when you miss that Pin level or fall short of receiving that bonus.

Network Marketing tests our character.  It reveals the way we feel about ourselves.  It brings up old wounds of failure and laughs when we doubt.


But in the end, if we don't quit and we continue growing in personal development and skills, Network Marketing allows us to Own Our Life.

That my friend, is worth all the occasion doubting and discouragement.  That is worth all the late nights and conference calls.


Few individuals are truly able to Own Their Life; instead they are building someone else's dream.

But if you are reading this, YOU are one of the Warriors... and Faithful Warriors Win!


Margi Starr
Springfield, Ohio