Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Celia H. Burton New Castle, Delaware, United States

Posted: 2016-03-16

Faith by Mr. Hill's definition is a state of mind. It is important that we learn Mr. Hill's 13 principles and apply them generously to our lives to achieve transmuting the thought of having money to the belief of having money through faith. When this thought is mixed with a positive emotion such as faith our creative imagination picks up the vibration and sends it though the ether to our subconscious.  Faith is the catalyst that when mixed with prayer connects to the spiritual force of intelligence.  Faith is the only emotion that communicates to the spiritual force. If  we truly believe in our mind that we have that which we desire which is it's equivalent of faith if will come to past.

Faith can be induced by self-talk.  It is through repetition of thought we build our belief. Belief mixed with emotion which develops faith.  This means that whatever you feed your subconscious mind in repetition becomes the dominating thought which becomes belief.  Belief is the foundation of faith.  When faith is mixed with emotion, the subconscious mind begins to work out a plan to obtain or achieve the goal set by the subconscious mind and bring the plan to the conscious mind to act upon.

Any task I put my mind to do can be achieved through telling myself repeatedly that I can and will achieve that task. If done consistently your subconscious accepts that self talk as truth then your mind sets out to bring forth the physical equivalence of that which you set your subconscious mind to do. The action comes as a plan bought to your concious mind which we then execute to obtain your desired outcome. 

Thank everyone in our mastermind group who have enriched my life by enlightenment of How To Think.