Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Loretta Bright Akron, Ohio, USA

Posted: 2016-03-15

Chapter 3  FAITH

Visualization and Belief of Attainment and Desire

“The subconscious mind, (the chemical laboratory in which all thought impulses are combined, and made ready for translation into physical reality), makes no distinction between constructive and destructive thought impulses. It works with the material we feed it, through our thought impulses. The subconscious mind will translate into reality a thought driven by FEAR just as readily as it will translate into reality a thought driven by COURAGE, or FAITH.”

Concentration on positive thoughts creates positive vibrations and positive results in thought driven by Faith.

Positive self talk and positive thoughts will have positive results!!!

In reaching our goals we must think positively and have Faith that it WILL occur. There must be no doubt, as that will water down the vibrations and cause different or less than the desired results.

This is evident when meeting people for the first time, when people go right into the sales pitch and having NO Faith in ourselves that we will be able to establish the relationship with the desired individuals that could lead to results. Acting to quickly and possibly turning off anyone we meet.

We will “get to where we want to go” and we HAVE to believe it and act like it. People are attracted to others who are confident and do not demonstrate “neediness”, demonstrating success and people will naturally want to know more about you and your business.

Send out the positive vibes and they will come back to you, in your desired way.

Loretta Bright, Akron, OH