Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Grant Simon Stillwater, Minnesota, United States

Posted: 2019-06-05

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In order to achieve high goals: monetarily, etc.  We need to subconsciously tell ourselves we are worthy and capable of achieving it.  Otherwise this will not happen.

We need to write down our goals so we visually see them.  Then write a statement of what they are, when this will happen, and what you are going to do to achieve this.. To me this is a necessary ingredient to the recipe of success.

Put this down in writing and read it aloud until it becomes second nature..where you could speak it why you are half asleep!

As some of you may see I compare monetary achievement to sports/athletic endeavors.. Here is another example, I am a Paratriathlete. After my injury and illness, I was reintroduced to adaptive sports.  I did one triathlon and I was hooked.  My long term goal is to  become an Ironman.. I needed to write down the goal, timeline of a achievement, and what I am willing to do to achieve this result..  There is a lot of training required, which means a lot of time!  I am well on my way to my goal..There is still plenty of work and steps to getting there.  This most likely will not happen, if I never wrote it down.


The same goes for monetary goals, which I sometimes forget..  

Desire $10,000 a month extra income in a few years.. Need to write down what, when, and how this will happen and say it daily..  I will keep plugging away even when I have more challenging periods, which is life..


Thank you Rick Burnett for introducing me to Mentoring for Free.. Thank you Michael, for being the pioneer of this program.. Thank you to all for your input, which helps us all.. In turn we can help others!


Michael Simon