Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Tuula Rands West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Posted: 2019-06-02

Chapter 4 - Auto-Suggestion

HIll tells us "autosuggestion is self-suggestion" and
W. Clement Stone says "Self-suggestion makes you master
of yourself."

"Master" in the dictionary is defined as "one having control".

Do we have control of our lives, of our thinking, of our

Michael asks us "If you knew you could not fail, how differently
would you live your life?"

Are we living the "differently" or are we wishing, hoping and

It all begins in the mind.  We have to see ourselves in the
"differently".  We have to feel the "differently" and we have
to be living that vision by acting like we would if we were already
in our "differently."

So we need to become the "Master of ourselves" and Michael
tells us that his success is the result of his "self-talk".

Self-talk is defined in the dictionary as "talk or thoughts 
directed at oneself."

So what we tell ourselves is the most important aspect of our
becoming successful.

Our business success is not dependant on what others think or do.
It does not depend on our upline, the products, our downline;
our business success depends on what we tell ourselves.

Hill states "Your ability to use the principle of auto-suggestion 
will depend, very largely, upon your capacity to CONCENTRATE upon 
a given DESIRE until that desire becomes a BURNING OBSESSION."

Tuula Rands