Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Bryce K Nielsen Milton, New Hampshire, United States

Posted: 2019-05-15

Chapter 1 contains lessons for life from the great experiences of two successful men, Edwin C Barnes and Mr Darby, a very successful life insurance salesman. 

Barnes worked with Thomas Edison (and it was due to his great DESIRE to work with Edison that it was granted unto him to have this opportunity).


Darby learned from an early experience, of helping his uncle with a gold mine, when they couldn't find any more gold and sold the equipment to a junk man, only to later learn that he had found a continuation of the gold vein just a few feet beyond where they stopped. Darby also learned from the experience of witnessing a young black child who was determined to have some money for her mother, and wouldn't back down. 


This chapter is about the principle of DESIRE, and how it is the first key to success in any endeavor.

"Life is strange, and often imponderable! Both the successes and the failures have their roots in simple experiences. Mr. Darby’s experiences were commonplace and simple enough, yet they held the answer to his destiny in life, therefore they were as important (to him) as life itself. He profited by these two dramatic experiences, because he analyzed them, and found the lesson they taught. But what of the man who has neither the time, nor the inclination to study failure in search of knowledge that may lead to success?

Where, and how is he to learn the art of converting defeat into stepping stones to opportunity?

In answer to these questions, this book was written."

Well, thanks for writing it, Mr Hill. We are all profited thereby. May we all have such a strong desire as those written in this chapter. I look forward to reading your entire book over the next few months.

My thanks to everyone involved in this Mentoring for Free endeavor and especially Michael and Linda Dlouhy.