Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lawrence Bergfeld Bronx, New York, USA

Posted: 2019-05-15

Edwin Barnes Did whatever it took to Win!!

He was determined to become Thomas Edisons business parnter no matter what the circumstances were. He sold the Ediphone while everyone was laughing at him!! Its no different when your company owner comes out with a bonus for lets say Triple Diamond & that is $25,000 and you are outworking someone else by gathering a few customers and teaching your five key leaders to do the same thing & then they duplicate that with their teams! If you want to hit a certain pin level in your company then you will have to do it first, then your team will follow!

The Junkman who dug 3 feet from gold seeked expert council before giving up!! Our prospects in our back office are the junkmen who are looking for expert council BEFORE giving up!! If we use Colors like Marthy does then we could be their best and cheapest solution!! Lets stop talking & start doing like Steve Porter trained us to do on follow up back in January!!

Furthermore lets learn from Uncle Darbys mistake to avoid giving up 3 feet from Gold and to do whatever it takes like that young girl has done "My mom MUST have the fifty cents!" Never stop when people turn us down! Some will, some won't, so what, always next!!

Lawrence Bergfeld

PS: Lets fail forward by making a NEW mistake next time and learning from it! And even better a wise person learns from OTHER peoples mistakes so that he should NOT have to struggle like the ones who came before him has!