Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Andy Destin Lake Worth , FL , USA

Posted: 2019-05-08


 Chapter 15 : How to Outwit the Six Ghosts of Fear.

Many of us are SO afraid of other people CRITICISM who have no ideas of our dreams, goals and the paths that we are on or want to create. 

Back in 2012 after my High School Graduation after 1 month and a half I started my network Marketing business I was so worried and scared of the decisions I made. 

Not that it was not the right decisions, I was just thinking and worried of what my peers would think and my family, even though I didn’t asked for permission to do so. I just join. Network marketing has a very bad representation out there and I had no idea about the business. 

About 9 months into the bad business model-that would not work for me as a green person.. getting the free “ Success In Ten Steps “ ebooks was a major breakthrough and helped me avoided all the Bad stuff out. 


Thank you to each and everyone who continues to help and educate us who have no clue about this AMAZING business. 


Special thanks to Michael & Linda


For creating a great systems to allow others to come get the EDUCATION they need for success in Network Marketing & Life. 


 Your new friend & Mentor, 


PS:  “ If ONLY one could side a side the FEAR of what will people say decision wouldn’t be so hard to make. “  -  Arly Lariviere