Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Peter Boswell Narre Warren, Victoria, AU

Posted: 2016-03-13


"Our only limitations are those we set up in our own minds "  NP

A favourite Movie of mine stood out when I read this chapter : "Pale Rider" the fourth horseman rode into a small gold mining camp,

under threat of a larger business miner ,the girl reading her bible "along came the fourth horseman on a white horse and he brought Death.

Ultimately He did bring death ,but more so he brought Faith as the "preacher".

The group of small miners were content with there settlement which they hoped they could prosper ,they had the ingredients for their success.

They collectively had the IDEA & PLAN , but their Persistence & Decisions Along with Burning Desire were being undermined by the ruthless

business man hell bent on destroying their Plans, their Persistence eroding their Desire to even stay there , whose burning Desire would prevail?

The "Preacher" gave them to one thing that  those 6 elements required for their settlement to work "Faith" & the Business man  Knew it  ,

he knew he would lose his intimidatory tactics over the miners if they had "FAITH"

Bringing "Faith"  into the mixing bowl of life with an  IDEA  created with Imagination, formulated into a Plan and course of Action with Persistence

& Decision mixed with the "FAITH" (in one's self) creates a Burning Desire to achieve the outcome for the greater good.

Having un waiving "FAITH" as the chemist of your Mind to fuel your Imagination with a Plan ,Persistence,Decision to Action your Burning Desire the

outcome will ultimately be attained .We all have our Idea's ,Plans,Desired outcome , Let "Faith" give you that Persistence and Fuel of Burning Desire.

I Love reading this Chapter to my Daughter who reads it to herself now she is 6 the book is by Dr Seuss "Ooh the places You'll Go" I love it when she will try

things her friends are scared of "rollercoaster rides" "ice skating" asking what does this book mean I explain to her :If you think you can't you cannot ,

to achieve you just have toThink YOU can.

Peter Boswel