Think & Grow Rich Lessons
J Greene bridgetown, st michael, Barbados

Posted: 2016-03-13

Without Faith you will not obtain your desired chief aim, faith is the gasoline and driving force for one's desire. Just like how a car cannot drive without gasoline you cannot become a success without faithFaith is so paramount because it keeps you keen and on fire for your chief aim and it allows you to look past any challenges that may arise and throw you of course. As a creator you have to put faith into practice just like how a athlete practice for their sport or just like how a singer practice for their performance. But the good thing about faith is that we don't have to find time to practice it, it is something that we should be doing all day everyday so our faith becomes stronger and stronger as time goes by.

Examples Of Faith

(1) Faith is when someone is behind on their rent and seeing no way on how they can get the money, but not allowing themselves to be stressed because they know that in the end everything will be just fine.

(2) Faith is when you are told by your doctor that you are terminally ill but all you can focus on is your health because you know that you will fight and win the battle no matter what.

(3) Faith is when you have no idea on how you will obtain your chief aim because it looks impossible from a linear point of view, but your still on fire and working towards the goal because you know that it will happen.

Why Be Faithless And Weak When You Can Practice Faith And Be Strong

Living life without faith is so uninspiring and boring lol, faith gives you a sence of power and knowing that makes life a pleasure to live. I find that in recent times it is very hard for me to take on what others may call a problem because i am so focused far and beyond. Anytime your going through a tough challenge remember that faith is a force that you can tap into that will get you through any and every situation possible. We have a huge advandge when it comes to Faith because we have this phenomenal group that shares knowledge that gives us the know how to live our desired lives.