Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ben Drake West Ryde, NSW, Australia

Posted: 2016-03-11

Faith do You believe in what You are doing and how badly do You believe in that goal or dream. You can convince Your subconscious mind that you believe You will receive what You have asked for. How badly do You believe in whatever it is You are working towards and looking to achieve. When You fill it with the faith of positive thoughts that is what will come back to You.

Napoleon tells the story of one of his boyhood chums who was told with a switch that he would end up in the penitentiary before he was 20 and was sent to a reformatory school at the age of 17.

When You believe fully that You are going to be that top distributor within Your company with full faith then You will draw that too You, when You believe what others may of said good or bad then that is what will come back to You.

I am just curious do You truly believe that You can achieve that goal and desire?, do You believe deeply in Your heart that You are happy to burn all bridges and say this is what I am going to do and going from there to achieve Your goal? Most people have burnt their bridges by stopping listening to those who were unsuccessful or the old school training and saying they had faith within the mentoring for free system and what they were being taught.  Burning our bridges alone is a sign of faith and belief within what we are doing. It may be having to spend less time with our family, moving away or setting tougher boundaries on a relationship. When You do and keep to those new boundaries that is faith on its own.

Do You truly believe that You are able to impact so many lives with what You have in Your company that it can change the lives of so many? You may believe that the mentoring for free system is able to change so many lives and go out there sharing the word of what the team has and does, throwing someone a life jacket. Do they believe You can help them to achieve their goals or are you coming from the aspect of I am only in this for the money. When Your faith and confidence comes from the area of I can help anyone and its ok to help You for free then You will achieve gold within life.

You also need to believe that You can achieve that goal of the family, the friendships or whatever You want so strongly, that even when You get thrown against someone who resists what You are saying You will just keep on going and achieve that goal.

I am now able to believe so strongly about being the father of twin daughters and a son, along with doing adoption and foster care that I am refusing to stop until that happens. The only person who holds me back happens to be Ben when I am sitting there listening to those who say some junk about what I am working to achieve. Been down that road many times, listened to those who spouted the rubbish and was unaware what was happening within own life.

It can take a lot of faith to keep on going when You are wanting to get married and to keep on going after searching and searching and searching for Your life partner, so many introductions, learning to build a relationship with those and going from there. It can take a lot of faith in what You are doing to just keep on going despite all the no’s, all the responded messages sent, all the sharing of what have and wanting to help so many that You truly don’t know how many people You have shared the message with. All that time You are learning the skills believing You can do what You have set out to do, it may be any goal You want.

When You keep on going despite having many years of failure and learning You will eventually find what works and the way to succeed and then You will rock at whatever You are doing.

Thank You to Michael and Linda Dlouhy for Your ongoing love, support and acceptance, being their helping us all to become a success in our lives.

With love and appreciation,
Big hugs,

Ben Drake
West Ryde NSW Australia