Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Martin Staunfeldt Vojens, Denmark, Denmark

Posted: 2016-03-10

At first it might just be a Wish.

But by stating that Wish, as truth over and over, with
positive emotions, it will begin to transform, in your
mind, to reality.

When it is a reality it is a reality.

Sometimes we think too big.

A Wish could be to travel the world. But that is very
hard to plan for and to make a reality. To have traveled
the world is like an end goal. Instead we could state
were we Wish to go next. That would be much easier
to plan for. And eventually it will lead you to your Wish
having traveled the world.

When we think of everything, it can stop us doing

If I wanted to run 3 miles everyday. Some days it
would be hard to do, because I would think of how far
it is and how much effort I should put into it. But if I
instead just thought of putting on my running shoes
and going outside, it would be much easier. In theory
giving myself the option to go back inside. But I know
when I first is out the door I will go for the run.

If I want to call a new client, who downloaded my
ebook. If I think of how the call will turn out. Maybe
I will stutter. Maybe the client won't like me. Maybe
the client will like me, but I don't deserve it. Thinking
that far will just keep me from calling anyone. But if
I instead only think, dial the number and press the
call button. Then it is much easier. And when I hear
the voice in the other end, well then I have to say

Your fellow Friend and Mentor

Martin Staunfeldt