Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Terry Mondo Lake Worth, United States, US

Posted: 2019-04-17

Thoughts are what create our reality, so we know if we do not have the reality we want then we are not putting out into the universe the thoughts that will create the life we want to live.

When I read that all negative emotions and thoughts automatically go into our subconscience mind and the positive emotions and thoughts, we have to work at to get them into our subconscience mind, I'm thinking wow that is a bummer! Then on top of that if we let in one negative emotion or thought back into our subconscience then it wipes out all of the hard work we did to make our reality a postive one because the infinite intelligence goes right back into making out negative thoughts our reality all over again.

Now I understand how you we can move forward a little towards our prosperity goals and then some of us move backwards because we let in the negative again and it becomes a perpetual back and forth.

So the whole purpose of “Think and Grow Rich “ my personal opinion is to give us the knowledge to create a money mindset in our subsconscience , which we must have to create financial prosperity.

On a deeper level though I really think the book is teaching us how to become one with  infinite source.

So I do not begrudge the work that must go into creating that prosperity mindset because not only can we create our own reality once the knowledge in the book is truly understood and mastered if ever, but I feel and believe we become more loving and compassionate in the process and love does make the world go round!  Of course once we reach the vibrational level of love we are one with infinite source and everything becomes whatever we want it to be with ease. Now that sounds like FUN.

I wish everyone LOVE!