Think & Grow Rich Lessons
robert tucker Bay Point, California, United States

Posted: 2019-04-15


There is an old saying; "As A Man Thinks Then He Becomes" what we place in our minds we become what we plant.

The mind is just the same as a garden or a plant that we may have how it' looks is the way we think. One day I went out

to take a look at my yard and I looked and saw some weeds growning up  in different areas around other beautiful things

that I liked to grow; I said to myself that the Mind operates the same way in the way we think ,what we allow in is what we 

get we we place in our minds. The author explains so wonderfully how the subconscious mind operates;"it receives and

files sense impressions or what we think about. We have tha ability to plant voluntarily any plan,thought,or purpose the

desire into our subconscious mind to bring about a physical or monetary equivalent which comes from a dominating

desire with feelings,and faith which is a good thing to have towards any set goal which comes from being int the right 


A Twenty- Four Hour Workshop

The subconscious mind is what I call the twent-four hour workshop, it's always ready to receive what we place by the

way we think about anything physical or monetary equivalent.. i also call this the power unit that gives us the assuranse

the go ahead with faith to reach out for what you desire knowing you will get with the forces of the Infinite Intelligence

supplying the power which  voluntarily transmutes desire into their physical equivalent.. This cannot be controled your

subconscious mind entirely but you have the ability to place your desires ,plans or purpose you wish into concrete form

with the assurance that it will reach it goal  of your plan or what you desire..

Energize  Being Creative

Our first objective is to make our desires clear, and to write them down and look at them daily of how you are to carry

out the instructions. keeping a positive focus on your desire which will influence the subconscious mind and keep planting

your desires everyday there and always remember that our thoughts plays a very important part when it comes to this

powerful subconscious mind.

robert tucker,Bay Point,California, United States