Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Louise Bannerman Detroit, MI, USA

Posted: 2019-04-15


At age fourteen, I have experienced this very quote by Napoleon Hill and know it to be true, “Faith is the element the “chemical” which, when mixed with prayer, gives one direct communication with the Infinite Intelligence.

“It has always been my sincere desire to communicate with the Infinite Intelligence or to connect with the Universal Mind on a daily basis because I know this is the key to getting my prayers answered. After twenty-five prayers being answered back-to-back, I am totally convinced that something of a higher power is hearing my prayers and my faith is taking me to higher heights.” Louise Bannerman

I am not alone in my thinking regarding sincere desire.  According to Joseph Murphy he quoted, “Prayer is the soul’s sincere desire. Your desire is your prayer. It comes out of your deepest needs and it reveals the things you want in life.”

I would like to share two of my prayers that God has answered. My very first prayer at fourteen, I told God what His Word said, “If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done upon you.” – John 15:7 KJV. Well, I believed what His Word said, and like a child I trusted in His Word when He said, “Ask what ye will” and I did asked Him for some hair activator, because my mom didn’t have any and she told me, “Go ask your God for some.” So I did, and I believed that it shall be done for me. Well, in my mind I thought I would go four blocks over and ask my aunt, because I knew she kept hair activator. But two doors before I reached her house, there was a brown paper bag on the ground. I heard in my head, “Pick up the bag.” I was convincing myself not to pick up the bag because I didn’t want anyone to see me pick the bag up. Well, I tried to walk away, but my feet were literally stuck and I couldn’t move. So, I picked up the bag and there inside was a brand new large jar of hair activator. Long story my aunt didn’t need any, so I ran home and showed my mom. She asked, “Where did you get that from?” I told her that my God gave it to me. Ever since that day, my mom has been going to church.

 My second prayer: I was at the bus stop around 1:05 p.m. crying and praying. I was thanking God for the bus transportation, but at the same time I was telling him that all the car lots belong to Him and that all the cars belong to Him and that I just want my own car. And I told Him, “God bless a child that has her own…and God I thank you for my own car, too.” After I got home around 2:30pm, I went to bed. At 4:30pm, I received a telephone call from my uncle saying, “Come get your car.” Wait a minute; I am thinking in my head I didn’t tell anyone about wanting a car but God. Come to find out while I was praying at 1:05pm, God touched my dad’s heart to buy a nice clean, white K-car from the neighbor across the street and gave my uncle the keys to give to me. My dad starts work at 1:30pm. So God worked it out that he got the car for me, and headed straight to work. God was working it out as I was praying. Thank God for answering prayers.  

In conclusion, “it presses upon my heart to draw upon the forces of Infinite Intelligence. It, alone contains the secret process by which mental impulses are modified and changed into their equivalent. It alone, is the medium through which prayer may be transmitted to the source capable of answering prayer.” - Napoleon Hill.  Since I learned at an early age, that my prayers can reach the Source this knowing has been my best weapon and the key to grant my desires.


Thank you all for taking the time to read my long post. Thank you Bob for the invite. And thank Michael and Linda for making all this possible.