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Bob Shoaf Sunny Alamogordo, NM, USA

Posted: 2019-04-14


The Eleventh Step toward Riches

What a powerful tool we have in our subconscious mind. Prior to Mentoring For Free, I had no idea we could use it to attract anything and anyone we DESIRED into our lives.

It works day and night to record and catalog all our senses and thoughts. If we have recorded them with emotion, it will connect with Infinite Intelligence to convert our thoughts into reality.

Our subconscious mind is one of the best tools known to man for helping us to achieve any success we DESIRE.

Napoleon Hill says, once we realize the POWER we have in our subconscious mind, we will begin to understand Chapter 2, DESIRE better so we can formulate our DESIRES much more clearly.

We have seen new people begin implementing Hill's instructions with very little success at first. Chapter 3, FAITH will help us build the confidence needed, so be patient and persistent.

When we plant the seeds properly in our subconscious mind, we will begin receiving instructions that will lead us to where we say we want to go.

                      If we can effectively visualize what we want, we will get what we want.

Hill gives us seven positive emotions and Michael has added an eight, Prosperity.

He also give us seven negative emotions and Michael has added an eight, Lack.

The negative ones are much more powerful and often far more present than the positive ones. They wipe out most of the positive ones, so it requires something much more powerful to change those negative thoughts back to positive ones. It is the "STOP IT" video. Watching this 7 minute video until we are free of those negative emotions helps keep us on track. I don't have to watch it more than twice and I am laughing and thinking how silly it is to have negative thoughts.

I am grateful to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for having done all the things Hill suggests in his 13 Steps that allowed them to create such an effective way to teach the skills we need for life and as an entrepreneur. Thank You, thank You, thank You Linda and Michael Dlouhy. We  appreciate both of You very much.

I am grateful to those who come to our weekly calls and participate in making each call live, interactive and hands on. Thank You, thank You, thank You to each one of You. You are appreciated very much.

Bob Shoaf
Sunny Alamogordo, NM

PS: I am grateful to each person who downloads Success In 10 Steps and forms a Mastermind Group with me. We are helping each other learn and implement Hill's 13 Steps here in these lessons. Thank You, thank You, thank You to each one of You. You are appreciated VERY much. Again, thank You, each one of You.