Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lewis Stone Worcester, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Posted: 2016-03-10


I always thought desire and wishing were the same thing. I was dead wrong. It is only strong desire with definiteness of purpose that can bring forth tangible results.

The author continues with the story of Ed Barnes, who turned his desire into being a business partner with Thomas Edison. He had a definite goal and an unwillingness to take no for an answer.

I will be going over the six steps Hill used to turn desire into riches, it's a journey never traveled. It is interesting to note how definite and precise the desire has to be. See the difference is most people try to wish desire into reality. Wishing lacks the ambition and drive needed to realize those dreams.

The author among many other famous literary masters, inventors and such gave the story of his deaf son who conquered his handicap of deafness. The author developed a burning desire inside his son to hear. Not only did his son eventually receive a hearing aid, he went into business to promote this wonderful invention!

The author finished up with the "Mental Chemistry works magic". He relayed the story of Mme. Shumann-Heink, a famous opera singer who was rejected to be an opera student but was successful nonetheless.

His business associate (the author's) who was deathly ill got better and amazing the doctor because of his refusal to accept failure for an answer. When you harness the power of desire, some strange and powerful principles of mental chemistry takes place. Nature wraps the impulse of desire to that "thing" which recognizes no such thing as impossible, and refuses to accept failure.