Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ben Drake West Ryde, NSW, Australia

Posted: 2019-04-02

Thank you so much to the team at mentoring for free who have masterminded with me by teaching those skills which was needing to learn in order to create that better life. Those skills like finanichial intelligence, health and wellness, lifestyle, relationships, it’s ok to be me. That does mean spelling too hehe.

For a long time I was too scared to speak up saying look that’s not on, it’s thanks to this amazing mastermind of wonderful friends that have helped to find that voice. Allowing who I am to be myself and to become more.

To grow as a husband from a guy who barely knew healthy lifestyle to bring at the gym, from someone who barely knew finanichial intelligence and money management to now being able to understand that more. To go from barely friends at all to having meet 4 amazing women friends and 1 great guy friend. Some who can joke and laugh with easily. Thank you so much for letting me realize that guy who loves trains, candles, health, his family, hugs, friends and much more is just who Ben is.

Thank you so much my amazing friends from mentoring for free for Your continued friendship, love, support and guidance. Allowing me to grow to be a father to Jamie doing the best that can, thank you especially to my amazing mentors Ken Klemm and Linda and Michael Dlouhy for your own, love, guidance, friendship and support. A huge thank you to my amazing wife for life Jenny for Your constant support and encouragement.

Your friend and mentor for life

Big hugs my friends,

Ben Drake

West Ryde Nsw Australia

Helping families to live better lives