Think & Grow Rich Lessons
robert tucker Bay Point, California, United States

Posted: 2019-03-30


This lesson is a very good one, it helps you to understand how to increase you financial goals.

The author talks about the "POWER OF THE MASTER MIND." Power may be defined as

"organized and intelligently directed knowledge.' this opportunity gives the individual the 

transmute desire to reach their   monetary equivalent. When an individual uses Organized

effort in the coordination of the effort of more than one person to support him he can achieve

the set goal for financial success using supplied power.  This supplied power has organized

knowledge which consist three parts; 1. Infinite Intelligence 2.Accumulated Experience

3. Experiment and research through these you get knowledge which is transformed into 

power,and all this comes from how the indiidual inspire others to support him in reaching

his goal for the monetary equivalent. When groups or teams are gathered for a goal to 

reach there is harmony between them which brings about a wonderful definite purpose.

Power only comes about when more than one are working together in harmony this

is what's called  " THE MASTER MIND"  people more than one working together on

a definite purpose. Great power the author explains can not be accumulated through

no other principal.


When we connect with others to support use  we gain knowledge and power froe

each otherthe "MASTER MIND' principle holds the secrets and the ability to use

it's power with each other's brains to reach set goals that has been set. the power

of the brain is so charged up just like a battery. When a group is gathered together

is just like batteries all working together  in harmony the same as a group of men

working on a project of a monetary equivalent. Henry Ford did these when he had

an idea for bringing  his idea to a MASTER MIND GROUP of men who had power

to build dreams in the automotive field.. Truly if you have a desire to reach any goal

you need the MASTER MIND opportunity.

robert tucker, Bay Point, California, united States