Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ethel Van Zanten Tucson,, Arizona, USA

Posted: 2019-03-27

Chapter 9-Persistence

Persistence is developed by daily habits.  Every day we go about living the day through habits we have developed throughout our life.  Learning to live each day with a goal in mind that will make the world a better place by what we do during each day will help us develop habits to accomplish this overarching goal.  

Sometimes the habits we develop aren’t useful and cause delay in accomplishing what we really wanted to accomplish.  This is when we need to change the habit so that we will have time to concentrate on the goal we are trying to reach.  

First we identify the habit that is preventing us to reach our goal and discipline ourselves to change this habit or stop it altogether.  Next we have to be persistent in replacing this habit with a positive one.  Many times this does not happen in just one trial This is where persistence comes into the picture.  

When I played an instrument and was part of a band or orchestra, the part I played had to fit into the symphony or march that we were playing.  Sometimes, it was not possible for me to play the part I had to play the very first time I tried.  This meant that I needed to woodshed it as musicians say or practice it until the part I had to play fit in perfectly with the whole march as it  was played by the band or orchestra.  

Playing the part I had to play needed to be practiced many times sometimes before it was a perfect fit  Persistence is what it took to accomplish this.  Practice over and over again, patience with myself when it didn’t sound right the first time or 10th time even and doing it every day until it was perfect. 

Was it worth the practice I put into it?  Yes, because it made the orchestra or band sound complete and united in a better sound than before.  I must remember this in things that I am learning to do in this network marketing business.  It takes  more than one time to contact a prospect, and many times patience, and concern for the prospect who ts struggling to take the right steps to get the job done, .

Mr. Hill says all thirteen of the principles must be understood and applied with Persistence to accumulate money.

  Thank you to all of the master mind for letting me share.

Ethel Van Zanten

Tucson, AZ