Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Marcel Schmidt Thunderbay, Ontario, Canada

Posted: 2019-03-27

Chapter 9 Persistence


The Eighth Step toward Riches

Whaen I think about persistence I invariably think about all the years my beautiful wife Marina and me have been together and married 31 years in May.

The reason I always think of this is because I am divorced with a Daughter and a son and all the other significant relationships I had didn't last but this one has.

Why? I believe it is because I have been persistent in maturing and growing in my marriage with Marina unlike my ex wife and the ladies before her.

It is VERY similiar in busines so long as I have a master mind group of people who I know, like and trust and a system that is duplicatable I KNOW I will be successful beyond my wildest dreams. Michae failed forward for 10 years before he found the answer.

This will all happen in Gods time NOT mine I just have to keep helping people in the ir businesses.

 A close friend of mine once told me when you can go to give then you are getting somewhere.

How very true and I can say that when I have done that it has always worked for me.

Thanks to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for creating MFF,TGRL and writing the book STS 

Your Leader In Beautiful Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Marcel Schmidt