Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Louise Douglas Hartford, Ct, U S A

Posted: 2019-03-27

Mr Hill writes "The basis of Persistence" is the power of will.  Will power and desire, when properly combined, make an "irrestible pair".  I am learning this, the starting point of all achievement is desire, and weak desire, bring weak results.  I am learning persistence is not like the light switch to be turned on and off as needed, it must be on at all times.

There are eight factors of Persistence, definiteness of purpose, desire, self reliance, definiteness of plans, accurate knowledge, co-operation, will power and knowledge.  At this point I must look in my own mind, no one can do it for me.  There are sixteen symptoms of lack of persistence that I need to examine carefully.    There are some I need to work on and others I will need help with.

I  believe, that  with  the Mentors and members of the Mastermind Team I will eventually reach my goal.   

Much gratitude to Linda and Michael Dlouhy.

Louise Douglas,

Hartford, CT