Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Terry Mondo Lake Worth, United States, US

Posted: 2019-03-27

Napolean Hill says that a lack of Persistance can be overcome by one's intensity of desire, habit and will.

I definitely agree but I have to wonder if maybe Persistance is an inate ability we are born with  like a talent.

Is the ability to have a burning desire, or pure will something that we are born with?  Maybe we are all born with

different degrees of Persistance, Burning Desire and Will. Maybe it is easier for some people to have those attributes

at a much higher level than others and therefore nothing deters them from what they want to accomplish.

Why is it that a star athelete has that something extra that makes them a star besides talent?

They always have more drive more ambition to be the best. Where does that come from? Of course that  can be debated forever.

So from my point of few even though most of us are not the star atheletes we can teach ourselves to have good habits

to create that burning desire to become Persistant which leads to  "It is Impossible to Fail  Attitude.

So if we make up our minds up nothing can stop us from acheiving our Dreams even if it takes us a little longer.