Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ken Klemm Spring Hill, FL, USA

Posted: 2019-03-27

Imagine you are driving on an interstate highway 
halfway through a 1,200 mile journey. You did a 
thorough safety and maintenance check before the trip - 
your tires, brakes and alignment are good, and all your 
fluid levels are correct. It’s 3:00 AM, you are alone 
on the road, you have a full tank of gasoline. Your 
eyes and GPS map indicate the road ahead is straight, 
and your vehicle is traveling straight ahead in the 
center lane.

So it would be okay if you closed your eyes and rested 
for a few minutes...

What do you mean, “No!”? Why not? Everything is OK and 
should remain OK for awhile.

You know that if you don’t remain constantly vigilant, 
then the situation could deteriorate rapidly. Vigilance 
is a key part of PERSISTENCE.

The chief architect of the United States Constitution, 
James Madison, said he hoped the Great American 
Experiment would last 150 years. He and other framers 
feared democracy because it could devolve into mob 
rule. That is why they carefully designed a 
representative republic with checks and balances such 
as a senate with two seats per state (regardless of 
population), an electoral college, and requiring three 
quarters of the states to agree to any amendment. 
(Today, 13 states voting “no” would kill any 

The first thing threatening the survival of the new 
republic was the issue of slavery. Some of the founders 
attempted to settle the issue at the beginning, but 
failed. A bloody war near the end of its first century 
resolved the problem.

America survived many threats including fascism, 
Nazism, Japanese imperialism, and a cold war with the 
nuclear armed Soviet Union. When the Iron Curtain 
collapsed, the Soviet Union fell apart, and the Cold 
War ended some “geniuses” said it was the “End of 

And yet the Soviet Union may still win the Cold War 
posthumously. The strategy was no secret...

Sow the seeds of their ideology into American 
institutions - academia and entertainment. The Free 
Speech Movement at Berkeley, rightfully employing 
America’s First Amendment, gave the seedlings sunlight 
and nourishment.

Now that the weeds have overtaken the garden, free 
speech is no longer fashionable at Berkeley and most 
other institutions of its kind. Orwellian manipulation 
of language is a favorite tool of those who wish to 
control thought. Old words are given new meaning - 
words such as liberal, gay, choice and denial.

Throughout most of human history, those who produced 
and transported food had the most influence on society. 
Today the movers of information hold the most sway. The 
algorithm writers who create the filters to “protect us 
from harmful speech” received indoctrination from those 

How the lure of this ideology is so seductive to the 
ignorant masses may be easy to understand through a 
word picture...

Imagine a giant cookie jar as tall as the Sears Tower 
in Chicago and one square mile in diameter. The 
enormous jar is filled to the top with delicious 
cookies. There are plenty of cookies for everyone in 
the city - and every city across the land has a jar 
just like it, filled to the brim with delicious 

We can shut down the cookie factories because they harm 
the environment, and those “evil”, greedy cookie makers 
have made enough profit. After all, there are plenty of 
cookies to go around.

All the people are very happy for awhile. They can just 
reach in the jar and grab all the cookies they want 
whenever they want.

When the cookie supply diminishes to just below 50%, 
the civic leaders become concerned. They decide to 
implement a cookie rationing system. Of course, if you 
are well connected with one of the leaders, you may 
find a way to get extra rations.

What happens when there is nothing left in the jars 
except a few crumbs?


Your Friend and Servant,

Ken Klemm - Florida, USA

P.S. “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned 
to repeat it.” ~ George Santayana

P.P.S. Someday the producers and movers of food may 
realize they still hold the real power. After all, even 
Silicon Valley nerds gotta eat.