Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Andrew Conlee Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA

Posted: 2016-03-09



Earlier today, I came across a post from the University of Northern Iowa men’s basketball team’s Facebook page that asked us where we thought UNI would play its first game in the NCAA Men’s Tournament, who its opponent would be, and how high it would be seeded.  Instantly, I thought of Michael Dlouhy’s talk of “Being All In”, and how the best athletes in the world, like Brett Favre, were ALL IN when they played.  What follows is what I wrote:

“All I can say is that, whichever seed UNI receives, wherever UNI plays, each of UNI's opponents had better be 100% ALL IN! Because, if you take a look at some of UNI's most impressive victories, they came against top teams in the country, like Kansas in 2010, and North Carolina late last year. No matter if the opponent is Gonzaga, Louisville, or even Coach K and Duke, if that opponent is NOT ALL IN, UNI will shock the world once again.”

As a refresher, I saw the footage, via YouTube, of the last minute of the game from 2010, when UNI defeated Kansas, the overall #1 seed.  The three-point shot that Ali Farokhmanesh made to seal the game, the shot that broke a lot of brackets throughout the country, could easily have been a lightning bolt plucked from the planet Jupiter, a lightning bolt that could instantly incinerate an entire megalopolis.  More importantly, the shot that “shocked the world” was not entirely an individual effort on Ali’s part.

It took the combined efforts of the entire team, of Adam Koch, of Lucas O’Rear, of Kwadzo Ahelegbe, of Jordan Eglseder, of Ali Farokhmanesh, and of every player on the best team UNI ever had.  It also took the combined efforts of Coach Ben Jacobson and his coaching staff to guide the players to success on the court against a formidable opponent.  That was drive, that was determination, that was teamwork, but most of all, that was DESIRE!

Dr. Hill describes DESIRE as “the starting point of all achievement”.  It is the point where:

  • Edwin C. Barnes saw himself as the business partner, not a mere employee, of Thomas Edison

  • Marshall Field decided to rebuild his store after the great Chicago fire

  • Blair Hill, at a young age, went out and made a name, and a living, for himself, despite not having ears

Too many times, many in the prime of their lives give up and quit easily, because they have no DESIRE.  In our industry, not having a strong 99.975% WHY is the reason why so many new distributors quit and vanish.  If they learn it takes some work, as opposed to it being an easy, “something-for-nothing” thing, or if they learn the wrong skills, or if they have an upline not willing to work with them, they bolt if their why is not 99.975%.  On the other hand, a WHY that is at least 99.975% will force new distributors to look to better solutions, better mentors, better coaches, better companies, and, overall, a better chance to grab our own lightning bolts from the planet Jupiter and literally “shock the world”.

Andrew Conlee

Cedar Rapids, IA, USA

P.S.  Langston Hughes, in one of his poems, wrote the line, “Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair.”  For nearly all of us, our lives have not been crystal stairs.  We step onto cracks and faulty boards, cut ourselves on a bent nail, or trip on a broken board and fall off.  What matters here is that, no matter what life throws at us, no matter what defects are in the steps we take, we can get back on this staircase called “Think And Grow Rich Lessons”, post lessons weekly, and be here a year from now.