Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Linda Michel White Largo, Florida, US

Posted: 2019-03-24

The Sustained Effort Necessary To Induce Faith  The Eighth Step Towards Riches  PERSISTENCE is an essential factor in the  procedure of transmuting DESIRE into its monetary  equivalent... The basis of persistence is the POWER  OF WILL plus Intensity of Desire is a formidable  defense against all odds…   There is no substitute  for PERSISTENCE…  I choose to call my hidden Guide, my “God Nudges”,  to me they are really “Divine Guidance” or “Divine  Inspiration”…    PERSISTENCE is defined by: Definiteness of  Purpose, Desire, Self-Reliance, Definiteness of  Plans, Accurate Knowledge, Co-operation,  Will-Power & the daily practice of these form Good  Habits…  I used to be afraid of criticism until I  learned that if I give in to that fear my life  wouldn’t be of my own making… I conquered that one  real quick… I no longer have patience for anything  that will affect my life negatively…    There are four steps that lead to the Habit of  PERSISTENCE:



3. A MIND CLOSED TIGHTLY AGAINST ALL  NEGATIVE AND DISCOURAGING INFLUENCES,  including negative suggestions of relatives, friends  and acquaintances. 

4. A FRIENDLY ALLIANCE WITH ONE OR MORE  PERSONS WHO WILL ENCOURAGE ONE TO  FOLLOW THROUGH WITH BOTH PLAN AND  PURPOSE.  The mastery of these four steps will be rewarded  by all that is good & desirable in life…  Stray from  them, the habit is broken & the desire becomes  broken also… My lack of schooling was always  something that made me feel inferior, even though I  believed I could educate myself, which I did  because I knew I would never accomplish anything  without it…  I have a friend of mine who has a  college degree, but wound up homeless through a  divorce, he lost everything… When I told him about  my 10th grade education, he explained to me about  his circumstances, that even with his education he pointed out to me that I’m able to support myself & live in a nice apartment… I’m grateful he told me  that because after I thought it over, my lack of  proper schooling no longer matters to me… One more  thing I’ve overcome… I am self taught & I’m pretty  proud of that…  I’ve finally reached the one thing I cherish most,  being able to practice, “Extraordinary Happyness”  on my own terms, independent, with the freedom to  make my own choices because I’m PERSISTENT…