Think & Grow Rich Lessons
John-Paul Plouffe Worcester, Massachusetts, United States

Posted: 2016-03-09

Chapter 2 – Desire:  The Starting Point of All Achievement.  


As human beings, we all have many worthwhile goals and desires.  Hill says to achieve, we must not only wish for what we say we want, but that our desires must grow to become a BURNING DESIRE, which also has the quality of being DEFINITE.  Barnes is exemplified as someone who “stood by his DESIRE until it became the dominating obsession of his life—and—finally, a fact.”

Our Think and Grow Rich Lessons have caused me to search deeply and to define what it is that I will nurture as my own BURING DESIRE. 

I can now say that, above all else, my BURING DESIRE is for the TRUTH.  Jesus even said that “the TRUTH will set you free”.  What else, other than the truth will give us wisdom and guidance for meaningful and productive living? 

Without knowing and practicing the truth, many harmful desires and habits can lead to “addictions” at worse, and at best to misguided actions based on false information and/or beliefs will lead eventually down a path that we didn’t “desire” to go! 

Here are some Truths to live by and to ingrain in ourselves and others, as they relate to our life and business:

A.Network Marketing is NOT a sales business, it is a relationship, training and mentoring business.

B.People hate pushy, aggressive sales people.

C.Two questions everyone asks and needs answered positively:

1.Can I do this? 

2.Can you help me?

D.If you want to make $30k/year, hang around people who make $30k/year.  If you want to make $1million dollars, hang around people who make $1million dollars.

E.Notice, that some people, who endure the greatest hardship and struggle in life achieve the greatest success, when they discover and apply the TRUTH that every adversity, sorrow, or defeat, whether or not they caused it to happen, contains the seed of an equivalent benefit which you can nurture into a blessing that soars above the disaster that caused it in the first place.  

Thank you again Michael and Linda for giving us a place to discover, define and deepen our commitments to our Definite Major Purpose and for giving us the “good ground” right here with Menoring for Free to strengthen our DESIRES!


John-Paul Plouffe