Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ben Drake West Ryde, NSW, Australia

Posted: 2016-03-09

People see those like Barnes who are a success without taking the time to investigate what caused that persons success. They may sit there and say that this person had overnight success, however often it has been that the person has had a goal and dream for many years as their desire and kept on going until the goals attainment. They envy that person and are angry that the person they are watching has achieved their desired goal or dream; still unaware of how long it took the person to achieve the goal.

The person is angry believing that they deserve the success of the other person and desire that goal. However is it a burning desire and are they willing to burn the boats and say I am going to achieve this goal. They may have also failed to plan that desire and it attainment, they may have that fire inside which they want to achieve that goal and desire and stop at the first obstacle. Which may well be a car battery going flat and needing replacing. Saying oh well what the use, rather that turning around saying really is that the best you can do.

As Michael has said before we are needing a why which makes cry and gets us emotional as a person. Sometimes it can take a while to sort through all that clutter from years of programing to get to our real life’s purpose.  That happens to be what have needed to do, searching for years for what was meant to do a lost ship without any rudder, completely off course, knowing that wanted to be a family man. With no idea how I was going to obtain that goal or what needed to do achieve that goal of having own kids and also being able to provide for own family.

That goal has sat inside for many years, its inground and part of who really am; saying to myself many years ago. I am going to be there for own kids and family, traveling with them.  Its time to forefill that desire using the principles of think and grow rich. Working on keeping that desire alive, believing in faith that its going to happen, using a mastermind and auto suggestion, transferring the emotional energy towards that goal of being that father who is there for own kids and family, traveling with them. At the same time he can provide for them. Being able to plan that goal and create a sound plan, also having it checked and making certain that will help. When we may experience a failure keeping on going, it may take a bit to achieve that goal of kids. I am refusing to give up on that dream, I am going to have those kids.

Yes being a father earning a income from home who is providing for own kids and able to be there for own kids will come with a sacrifice of leaving the disability support pension behind. Along with every over area, so be it. I am happy to walk that road, to be independent and to help families to improve their lives and their health. Whist own health story is a powerful one on its own that has the ability to inspire so many, it is time to share what can. It is time to create that workable plan and to review as needed the sharing of own story and helping familes to become healthier and live better lives. Creating those friendships and helping who I can. As well as being able to help foster kids and adopted kids to have a family who is happy to take care of them.

Thank you to Michael and Linda Dlouhy for your constant love, support and guidance, being there for each one of us until we could believe in our own selves again. Its greatly appreciated.

Big hugs,

Your friend and mentor,
We love and appreciate You,

Ben Drake

West Ryde NSW Australia