Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Eric Braun Ohio City, Ohio , United States

Posted: 2019-02-01

  Barnes succeeded because he chose a definite goal. He had a burning DESIRE for riches. He resembled a tramp, but his thoughts were those of a king. Barnes' desire was not hope! 

It was not a wish! It was a DEFINITE, precise, pulsating DESIRE.  He had a dominating desire to meet Edison for a long time, but when he met Edison, he didn't rush into a partnership.

He was content starting out doing the most menial work. He patiently waited for the right time. The iron was not hot, yet. In his mind, HE WAS THE PARTNER OF EDISON EVERY MINUTE 

OF THE TIME, from day one of working for Edison. Barnes wanted to be the business associate of Edison, more than anything else he desired. He didn't rush into an actual partnership with

Edison, he had a plan. He stood by his DESIRE, and patiently waited five years for the right moment, one step at a time. If he asked for a partnership with Edison from day one, Edison

would have laughed and sent him away. By persistantly working under the radar and studing Edison, not giving up, because Edison didn't make him an official partner right away. He persisted,

burning all bridges behind him, with a burning obsession to stake his ENTIRE FUTURE for the right moment when that iron became hot. He struck that iron and his dream became a reality

and he became Edison's partner!

  We can learn a lot from Barnes. You can't just expect to succeed in a business from day one. It takes a lot of hard work and studying to prepare yourself in your business. I've been in three

MLMs and in this course I'm learning why I failed in those MLMs miserably. No one ever taught me the 4 personality traits, until I discovered MFF. I'm gaining wisdon in this course. I know

the 4 personality traits, I just have to master recognising it in other people. Every time I study Napolian Hill's book, I discover something new. Like reading the Bible. I'm diving deeper into the 

training and I will master and succeed in my business. I never had a mentor that cared whether I succeeded, until now. My past MLMs was a numbers crunching business that didn't care if

you failed or not! Oh yes, we had conference calls, but not a mastermind conference call like Michael Dloughy's. This training is much more in depth training that I ever been in before.

I will succeed!


Eric Braun

Ohio City, Ohio, USA