Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Loray Rover Greenbelt , MD, US

Posted: 2018-12-26

Based on the book Think and Grow Rich, Chapter 11: The Mystery of Sex Transmutation (Emotional Energy).

  Years ago I had visited a cancer surgeon and had cancer removed from my left breast stage IV.  Dr. Hill approached me with confidence as she walked into the room and shook my hand as well as she looked me straight in the eyes also spoke to me about the procedure we would be undertaking.  She already seen the test results and apparently did not need to read or write anything down.  She continue to look at me too while answering all my questions as she had my best interest as a cancer patient, while she did not make me feel like I was just another cancer patient coming in for a lumpectomy breast surgery.

  A highly Dr., in which Hill does say in mentioning that in describing this factor of personality that is known as “personal magnetism” which can be nothing more or less in sex energy.  Energy maybe communicated directly to others.  How, by a hand shake, tone of voice, ones posture as well as the carriage of their body, also personal appearance.  Not quite sure but by how Dr. Hill either knew it or not, but I am certain she had learned “sex transmutation “ as well as personally everyday lived it.  That day upon leaving Dr. Hill’s office I left with full confidence.  She too gave me that built-in like as well as trust with me also I was in good hands.

  “If you want to get better get coached.”  

Joseph Deitch, Elevate: An Essential Guide to Life

Thank you, thank you Michael and Linda Dilouhy for having Mentoring for Free Success in Ten Steps and the mastermind group, I am extremely grateful.

Thank you, Tuula Rands for you coaching on Think and Grow Rich  Lesson, the same happen for me.  Thank you everyone in the Think and Grow Rich Lesson.


Loray Rover