Think & Grow Rich Lessons
John Smith Gloucester, Gloucestershire, UK

Posted: 2016-03-08

Ch. 2 - Desire.

Desire can mean diferrent things at diferrent times in life. That first time you locked eyes with the person you decided, in an instant, you wanted to spend your life with, and you just knew you would do whatever it took to be with that peron - that's desire.

Whene you first decided you would become successful in Network Marketing, or any other field of business and decided you were prepared to learn, stdy and apply yourself until you were successful, whatever that picture looked like for you - that was desire in action

Before Edwin Barnes stepped down from the freight train, he already had the intention to become business partners with Thomas Edision and had decided he was willing to do what it took to become that partner until it actually happened - that was desire in action.

When Micahel and Linda decided to set up not just a free coaching programme, open to all, but one which was thevery  best it could be, That desire has kept them, now with the help of others tuning, updating, refining and expanding that programme, which we all know as  Mentoring for Free, until it offered and continues to offer the most complete education, support and coaching programme available  they had first pictured, however long ot took. That journey, which is still in progress, is desire in action.

As Hill explains to serve us effectively desire needs but three parts - A definite goal. A willingness to put all of our energy, focus, drive and enthusiasm behind acheiving that desire, and finally the patience and persistence to keep that desire front and centre of all we do until our mind and hearts desire becomes the living reality.