Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Peter Luchsinger Algonquin, IL, USA

Posted: 2016-03-08

Your desires will play out in your life.  Your unconscious desires will play out in your life unless you make a conscious decision to change your unconscious desire.  Why not make a conscious decision and chose what you desire?  Societal training may tell you that getting what you want is selfish or greedy.  Your upbringing may tell you that you are not worthy or deserving.  Your circumstances may demonstrate to you that your desires are always frustrated, but that is only the result of your previous thought and manner of acting on your thoughts.

My upbringing trained me to settle for getting by on what was available. 

I became very clever at getting by on as little as possible… six cents out of a nickel.  A mentor told me with my skill at getting a 20% return, all I had to do was move the decimal place over.  Now I am making $600 out of $500.  In two years I will make $6,000 out of $5,000.  In four years I will make $60,000 out of $50,000.


Fix your desire in your mind definitely.

Determine what you will give in return.

Establish a date to have it.

Create a plan or follow a proven system.

Write out a SMART goal and read it aloud twice daily.

Envision living your desire in complete detail.


I have decided to succeed.

Blessings to you All.