Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Celia Burton New Castle, Delaware, US

Posted: 2016-03-08

In this lesson. I learned that desire can transmute to the physical when it becomes an obsession and your mind is las order focused on a particular goal or outcome. It is not simply a wish or hope.

when a desire becomes all consuming it plants itself in the subconscious mind and you subcounios begins to develop a plan to obtain that desire. 

Mr.Hill gives several good examples that shows this to be true. With persistanee and burning desire man has come up with everything that we see as ccnvenance which started out as a dream.  Skyscrapers, bridges and inventions of every kind that touch our lives everyday were once a thought turned into a desire to a burning desire to the physical appearance .   

When you think about it there is no obstacle that the human mind can conceive that can not be achieved with persistanee and a burning desire.

if we are to become wealthy it must be a burning desire mixed with persistanee and a plan to accumulate wealth.


Celia Burton

new Castle, DE